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Air-Assist liners are specially designed for convenient dispense and improved evacuation of high viscosity products. The Air-Assist liner features a Form-fit liner with an attached air bladder. As the air bladder is inflated, it pushes against the Form-fit liner, forcing the viscous product out of the bottom dispense fitment, resulting in less residual product left in the liner. In addition, the Air-Assist liner is hands-free; after attaching the air supply system, the operator can walk away during dispense.

Typical Air-Assist Liner Markets

  • Chemical (automotive greases, automotive lubricants, coatings, paints)
  • Cosmetic (conditioner, cream, lipstick, liquid makeup, shampoo)
  • Food ( ice cream variegates, molasses, salad dressing, syrups)



  • Manufactured in a clean environment, using cutting-edge CDF1 Smart Seal Technology that monitors and ensures consistent, high quality seals.
  • Ensures the absolute purity of your product.
  • Specially designed for high viscosity products.
  • Evacuates high viscosity products more completely than gravity flow or other systems.
  • CDF offers a variety of films, fitments and fitment placements.


CDF1 Smart Seal Technology™
Using state-of-the-art equipment and quality control standards of the highest caliber, CDF1 Smart Seal Technology ensures the ultimate reliability of IBC liners.

Proprietary CDF1 Smart Seal Technology optimizes precision and consistency through monitoring the temperature, time and pressure of every seal on every liner.


Multiple Sizes
Air-Assist liners are available for all intermediate bulk container sizes.

Please contact Customer Service for more details.


Multiple Fitment Choices
CDF fitments are available in a variety of sizes.


Multiple Film Choices
All liners are made in America. The inside layer is made from FDA-approved films.

IBC liners are constructed with more than one resin in a multi-layer combination.

Recycle Code 7

EVOH film is widely used in the food packaging industry. It is a strong, flexible, transparent film with good moisture and excellent oxygen barrier specifications.

Flexus™ and Flexus HF metallocene LLDPE are for general use and provide durability and flex crack resistance.

Tenalon™ co-extruded nylon film provides abrasion resistance, durability and strength.


The film materials used in the manufacture of our IBC liners comply with FDA Regulations 21 CFR 177.1520, CFR 175.105, 177.1390 and CFR 177.1630.

We guarantee that our liners will be constructed from the specified materials and that CDF will not knowingly use materials that are out of specification or could be adulterated.

No additives are introduced during the heat-sealing process.


Custom Designs
CDF will always consider custom designs.



Prior to use, the user shall independently determine the suitability of the products for the user’s intended use and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. CDF products are intended for single use application. Any reuse of the liner and/or fitment voids the warranty.