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Our experience over the past 40+ years as a leader and innovator of new designs and custom packaging solutions allows us to meet the special needs of customers not met by traditional products.

At CDF, we take pride in working closely with customers to develop custom packaging solutions that satisfy the most demanding and unique needs. Often, our customers may require slight modifications to existing products including:

  • Different dimensions
  • Different lip
  • Different materials
  • Different fitment location
  • Venting

Many times, these modifications are simple and can be accomplished quickly with little added expense.

CDF has also been on the forefront to many advances in container technology. Such innovations have included:

  • Accordion inserts
  • Combination drum inserts
  • Plastic drum and pail inserts
  • Several innovative valves for IBC liners
  • Inserts that pass UN testing
  • Agitator drum insert
  • Vented inserts for rapid filling of sealed drums