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We at CDF believe all IBC liners are not created equally. CDF uses heat-sealing equipment that closely monitors the heat, time and pressure of every seal. In the event that one of the processing parameters should fall out of the specified range, the equipment automatically shuts down; stopping all possibilities of a faulty seal being created.

In addition to utilizing the most sophisticated technology in the industry, CDF also takes great pride in its trained work force. Several members of the CDF manufacturing team are Six Sigma Black Belts; collectively they implemented a quality inspection program that is second to none.

CDF uses nothing but the best films available for the customer’s applications. We strongly feel that when our customers are fillings and shipping 275+ gallons of liquid, the quality of the liner should not be left to chance. We know you’ll agree.


Why choose CDF?

CDF’s bag-making machines have the most sophisticated process control and data collection system anywhere in the world. We collect data every second, on every bag. Data is downloaded and monitored continuously. We review the data in detail every day and share the results with our employee teams. If there is a problem with a heat seal or any part of the manufacturing process, we can trace it to the exact bag. Every bag is date coded and traceable.

We conduct different quality tests several times each day, including hydrostatic testing for fitment seal strength, tensile and elongation tests, pressure tests and periodic vibration table tests.

Because many of the applications and markets require impervious oxygen barriers, such as in the aseptic industry, we also have oxygen-permeation testing capabilities using state-of-the-art equipment from Mocon.

We feel our processes and quality are second to none and the statistics are proving it. Compare us to our competition and you will see that CDF now produces the best pillow and form-fit bags in the world.