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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC containers) typically hold more than a 55 gallon drum, but less than bulk containers (500 gallons). The most popular size is 275 gallons; equivalent to five 55 gallon drums.

The IBC liner is typically a component of a two part system. One part is the liner and the other part is a container. IBC Containers generally are one way corrugated or are plastic or metal returnable.


Typical IBC Markets

  • Aseptic
  • Chemical (adhesives, coatings, concrete drilling additives, detergent, lubricants, mechanical oil, paint, polymer emulsion, printing ink, soap, transformer oil)
  • Cosmetic (conditioner, cream, foundation, lipstick, liquid makeup, lotion, mascara, shampoo)
  • Food & Beverage (concentrated fruit, edible oils, fish oil, flavorings, food type paraffin, fructose, ice cream variegates, juice, liquid egg, malt, milk, molasses, pastes, salad dressing, sweeteners, syrups, vinegar, water, wine)
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastic resins & Rubber products


Air-Assist® IBC Liners

The Air-Assist liner allows the user to realize a more complete evacuation of their product. Less residual product is left inside the liner, resulting in savings to the user. Air-Assist liners are specifically designed for high viscosity products.

Aseptic IBC Liners

CDF's high-capacity Aseptic liners provide outstanding performance in critical food applications, such as high and low acid products, tomato, fruit juice and any other food product requiring aseptic packaging.

Form-Fit IBC Liners

Formfit liners are manufactured to form fit the internal shape of your intermediate bulk container. Form-fit IBC (cube-shaped) liners provide high performance in critical applications, such as top-fill applications using a bridge or automated filler; containers with no access doors for placing a liner at the bottom; high speed fills and viscous products that would get caught in the folds of pillow-shaped liners.

High-Barrier Foil IBC Liners

The most effective moisture and oxygen barrier for packaging environmentally sensitive products is a High- Barrier Foil liner constructed from an aluminum foil lamination. Moisture barrier liners incorporate an impermeable layer of aluminum foil to ensure the long-term integrity of a wide variety of environmentally sensitive products, including nylon, Surlyn®, EVOH, certain pharmaceuticals and various high value foods.

Pillow-Shaped IBC Liners

Pillow-shaped liners are typically constructed with two or three plies of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and a barrier film when used for aseptic and oxygen-barrier applications. When filled, these industrial tote liners form the shape of a pillow.



Prior to use, the user shall independently determine the suitability of the products for the user’s intended use and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. CDF products are intended for single use application. Any reuse of the liner and/or fitment voids the warranty.