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Food & Beverage Market

Food and beverage companies continually rely on dependable, high quality packaging to ensure the safe transportation, storage and dispensing of their product. CDF’s commitment to safety, sustainability, new technology and product development has gained the confidence of food and beverage manufacturers, processors and suppliers worldwide. 

In today’s packaging environment, the safety and security of food and beverage packaging is paramount. CDF uses the latest, state-of-the-art technology and machinery in manufacturing its products. This includes CDF1 Smart Seal Technology™, a proprietary process using SCADA software to optimize precision and consistency through monitoring the temperature, time and pressure of every seal on every liner. 

CDF’s diverse product line satisfies the need for flexible, customized, innovative packaging.  CDF’s latest product innovations include the Cheertainer bag-in-box, offering customers a flexible, fully customizable, smart alternative to cans, bottles and jars, the Smart Pail, an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective substitute to traditional pails and Cheer Pack, a multi-serve consumer package ideal for unique branding opportunities. These products are supported by CDF’s legacy drum and pail line that include tough, leak-proof vacuum-formed liners and CDF’s revolutionary intermediate bulk container liners, used as an innovative alternative to traditional bulk shipping.  


Chemical Market

In today’s age of merged growth, cost containment and environmental responsibility it is a challenge for chemical companies to find packaging solutions that meet all their demands in a price-conscious manner. Assuring product purity and safety is a main concern during the transportation, storage and dispensing of chemicals. CDF’s full product line offers the global chemical industry this ease of mind.  

CDF is committed to product purity and personal safety. This commitment is displayed by CDF’s latest product innovation, the conductive drum and pail liner, used to reduce the static charge created by the transfer of many chemical products. This new product is supported by CDF’s traditional line of anti-static drum and pail liners, used to improve safety by reducing static energy.

CDF’s flexible packaging product line satisfies a wide variety of chemical applications. The flexible Cheertainer bag in box provides an ideal solution to chemical companies looking for a customized, flexible package. CDF’s drum liners and pail liners can be used with the EZ-Strainer product line for customers looking to improve efficiencies when straining paints, coatings, or adhesives. Furthermore, CDF’s Smart Pail provides a 100% recyclable alternative to rigid pails, in addition to form-fit and high-barrier foil intermediate bulk container liners used as an innovative option for traditional bulk container shipping.  


Cosmetic Market

Economic pressures and trends towards green packaging are forcing cosmetic companies to retool their packaging needs. Many cosmetic companies have entrusted CDF to provide their packaging solutions because of CDF’s commitment to sustainable packaging and product purity. This approach has allowed us to manufacture products in a cost-effective manner, saving our customers money and providing our customers with the best quality package.

Product purity is an essential need for cosmetic manufacturers. CDF’s understands this need and manufacturers liners using CDF1 Smart Seal Technology™. This proprietary technique ensures the highest quality package and is used in the production of intermediate bulk container liners, a cost-effective, pioneering alternative for cosmetic companies that ship product in large quantities and our Cheertainer bag-in-box that offers customers a smart, customizable and flexible alternative to cans, bottles and jars.

CDF’s entire product line delivers the highest quality package with a strong focus on sustainability. The Smart Pail, a 100% green alternative to rigid steel and plastic pails, is the perfect solution to be used for compounding and formulating cosmetic product. The Cheer Pack, a product of CDF affiliate Cheer Pack North America, is a consumer package that provides cosmetic companies with a unique branding opportunity. These packages are supported by CDF’s legacy drum and pail line, which includes tough, leak-proof vacuum-formed inserts that allow drums and pails to be easily cleaned and reused.