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Sustainability at cdf corporation

“Sustainability is the ability to achieve continuing economic prosperity while protecting the natural systems of the planet and providing a high quality of life for its people.”

- Environmental Protection Agency

Since 1971, CDF Corporation has been an industry leader in sustainable packaging and environmental awareness. We continue to lead this initiative in an effort to make all facets of our organization environmentally friendly, sustainable and energy efficient. Decades ago, we introduced the 55-gallon drum liner that allowed the reuse of steel drums. From there, we have continued to be innovative, introducing product breakthroughs that result in environmental benefits and reduce customer cost.


The focus of CDF GREEN is CDF Corporation’s impact on three key business systems: marketplace, workplace and community. As a leader in the semi-flexible and flexible packaging industry, we recognize our corporate social responsibility to make all systems throughout our global marketplace environmentally sound. We look to the future – to improve efficiencies and to continue to produce the best quality at the best price, while keeping a keen eye on becoming a 100% sustainable operation.

To learn more about sustainability at CDF Corporation, please click the links below.



Thirty years before ‘sustainability’ became a hot topic, CDF promoted liners as a method to turn
industrial containers ‘green’. This tradition continues with our full product line that reduces waste and
increases reuse and recycling efforts. Learn More


Managing our operation in a way that conserves energy and protects the environment is a goal of
CDF Corporation. By instituting company-wide recycling, water reduction programs, and
energy-efficient machinery, we envision a future of creating 100% recoverable products and recycling
100% of waste produced. Learn More


We operate on a local, national, and global scale. It is our responsibility to initiate programs intended
to improve the wellness of the communities we interact with. All sustainability efforts are designed to
progress this relationship, creating a safer and cleaner environment around the world. Learn More