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Sustainability White Paper

This report looks into the growing industry of sustainable packaging and offers businesses insight for energy-efficient thinking.The sustainable movement has engulfed the packaging industry. Flexible products that reduce space, material and cost have replaced the rigid systems of the 20th century. Companies looking for new ways to promote themselves and increase margins have joined the ‘green movement’ as a means to drive growth. Although not all solutions are cost effective, this article will focus on innovative solutions that reduce costs, while improving a company’s carbon footprint.

This report will examine:

  • Value of Sustainability
  • Proactive Packaging:  “Going Green”
  • Emerging Technologies:  Oxo-biodegradable & Hydro-biodegradable Additives

Download Sustainability White Paper


Chemical Sustainability White Paper

This report looks into the shifting culture of the chemical producing and packaging industries toward sustainable and organic alternatives. The catalysts and fears that have driven the industry’s green progress; the product and package innovations that strive to achieve a level of environmental responsibility; alternative recycling options; and the influence of legislative bodies, trade groups and other stakeholders on the future of the chemical industry will be examined in this report.

This report will examine:

  • Fears, Uncertainties and other Catalysts Leading to Green Development
  • Product & Package Innovations
  • Alternative Recycling Options
  • Legislators, Trade Bodies & Regulatory Associations Impact on Sustainable Chemistry

Download Chemical Sustainability White Paper


Cosmetic Sustainability White Paper

This report will detail the impressive sustainable growth seen in the cosmetic industry since 2008, its green trends, and the pioneering eco-friendly packaging, manufacturing processes and global regulations that have permitted them.

 This report will examine:

  • Market Trends
  • The Manufacturer’s Role in Cosmetic Sustainability
  • The Importance of Cosmetic Regulation

Download Cosmetic Sustainability White Paper


Food & Beverage Sustainability White Paper

This report looks into the long-term benefits and growth advantages associated with implementing sustainable packaging solutions for food and beverage companies.  As companies plan for future growth, there are four catalysts that will push food and beverage businesses toward sustainability: consumer pressure, retail pressure, international demand and new, developing technologies. Companies that employ resources targeted toward these pressures will realize measured growth, expanded markets and increased margins over the next decade.


This report will examine:

  • Consumer Pressure
  • Retailer Pressure
  • International Demand
  • New Technologies
  • The Future of Sustainable Packaging in Food & Beverage

Download Food & Beverage Sustainability White Paper